03 August 2009


So, the posting here has been light. And that is in direct proportion to how HEAVY my summer has been in terms of stress. Starting back on 3 April, I've been in Australia for a few weeks, came back just in time for a 4 day conference in Philadelphia, graduate, move, job hunt, have landlord issues, job hunt issues, and will be moving again and probably losing full time employment in the coming month. Not because I'm getting fired but because my work is just kinda piecemeal right now. So, yeah, feeling a bit less pithy that I normally do.

However, for the month of August, I will be doing more content writing for Oceana and I would love it if you checked it out over here. Of course, my last name will now be eternally liked to rizado, but alas, tis my fate. If things calm down, perhaps I'll come back here for more quips, but for the time being, my writing energies are focused where the dollar dollar bills are- work.

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