13 June 2008

yes, i am alive

but the fire to post doesn't burn quite as strongly.

what can i say, when i give up on something, i go all out.

because i was doing pretty well there for awhile with the daily posting, i feel like i'm taking more from the internet than i'm giving back. here i am, reading all the big names and small local bloggers, learning about parenthood and fashion, and what do i give back?

i used to give back whitty thoughts on the celeb pregnancy craze, snippets of me as a precocious youngster, and photos of my shoes.

now i'm lucky if i post anything once a week.

but i have to think pretty highly of myself if i think that the internet is thrown off balance just because i'm not posting with any sort of regularity. i think i'm just thinking too much about blogging beacuse of this.

now that i have a job that has me sitting at a computer all day on fridays, maybe you can rely on a weekly post.


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